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About the Farm

What We Do

Here at Wild Things we have some pretty ambitious goals.  First and foremost, we work to be a true sanctuary: "a place of refuge or safety", for animals in need. We hope to one day extend that offer to a vast number of different animal species as the need arises. We provide them with the very best in health care, nutrition, and living accommodations. While we emphasis being a permanent landing place for most animals, we do also provide temporary foster and ultimate adoption services for animals when that is in their best interest. 
Through these endeavors, in combination with our social media platforms, we hope to make a difference for future animals. By educating and involving others in their stories we can work towards reducing the number of neglect and abuse cases, as well as ensuring owners are not making uneducated or impulsive pet purchases. Many of our more exotic animals are also rapidly losing their native environments and focusing on conservation and protection of wild animals is a focus we hope to incorporate.


Adri Rachelle

The founder of Wild Things Sanctuary, Adri has been a lifelong animal advocate. Previously working as a horse barn manager, vet clinic employee and pet sitter, her involvement in horse and mini pig rescue was the beginning of what became a much larger endeavor. She currently runs her Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitch accounts to keep the public involved in all of the animals and daily life at the rescue!

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