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Meet Our Residents

These are just some of the animals we care for here at Wild Things! 


Our flock of large birds includes macaws, cockatoos, african grey, caique and amazon parrots. These birds are often surrendered because they are loud, tempermental, destructive, and live for decades.



We have multiple breeds of cows on the sanctuary - Scottish Highland, various dairy mixes and miniatures. We take in cattle that are bound for slaughter and let them lives out their lives in our pasures.


Our reptile family comes in all shapes and sizes. Tortoises, snakes, lizards, geckos; we cater to the specific requirements for every type of reptile. 



Our horse herd is large and constantly changing. We focus on saving horses that are bound for slaughter, rehabilitating them, and adopting them out when possible!


Of course we help save dogs also! From 4lbs up to 160lbs, all shapes and sizes call the farm home. Our dogs have come to us as strays, owner surrenders, from shelters and backyard breeder shutdowns. We also work to foster and place dogs in forever homes. 

IMG_7960 2.jpeg


The animal that really got everything started for us - pigs. There is always a minimum of 20 pigs running around the sanctuary. While we mostly focus on miniature and potbelly pigs we can't say no to a snout in need.


We are home to a group of Angora rabbits that were rescued from a breeding program.



Emus, ducks, chickens, peacocks, quails! Most of our poultry was taken in to avoid being dinner but some were also surrendered after other farms could no longer care for them.


The majority of the goats you'll find her are myotonic, otherwise known as fainting. We took in two complete herds during an owners crisis and adore the breed.  We don't discriminate though and there's a plethora of mixed breed other goats mowing the lawns also!



Our ferrets were all surrendered to us and now enjoy living as one big family!


Alpaca were always on a dream list - if we ever found some needing help we would be there in a heartbeat! That's exactly what unfolded when a huge farm closeout resulted in hundreds of alpacas being rehomed...several state away! We got in the truck and made the journey to bring back as many as we could!



Cats have long been an animal we've specialized in. Combined we have fostered well over 100 kittens and typically have 10 or more calling the farm home at any given time. 

Sugar Gliders

This little flying marsupial is nocturnal and while ours are pretty anti social they are so much fun to catch swinging from toys in the night! An unknowing owner adopted several and soon found herself with several x5 when they began rapidly breeding so we adopted a small colony. 

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